Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New blooms and berries!

Yesterday morning I took a little garden walk with Angell.This Hydrangea was given to me by a dear neighbor who now has MS and can't tend her flowers anymore. Years ago we exchanged plants. I gave her August lilies (naked ladies) and she gave me this beautiful hydrangea. It has never bloomed before and I am excited to see it has blue and pink blooms.

I have only had the old fashioned creamy white hydrangea in the past.

This year I bought a few annuals that I usually plant by seed. The Zinnia's are doing well.
This is "Rudy"
I love Astilbe!!!! My Horticulture teacher in 10th grade turned me on to these beauties.
I planted the Lamb's ear which I found at the Herb Barn in MI when DS was little. I thought he would enjoy feeling the soft lamb ear shaped leaves and I loved the soft gray/green color.
I soon learned not to touch the blooms because they are sharp. In nature everything has a tool for survival. This is its defense against being eaten by animals.
That is all for the new blooms, now for my surprise treat. In the back of the garden I discovered the black raspberries were ready to snack on!
Another post on yesterdays walk can be found on my other blog here.
Have a super great day!

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  1. Oh your garden is wonderful!!! I adore Hydrangeas!!! I'm hoping to be able to grow some once we get moved to Pennsylvania... Marva