Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring is here but someone forgot to tell the weather man

Things are turning green and popping through the ground, sunshine is shining most days but the temperature has been too cold to begin yard and garden work. I'm itching to rake the garden from the dried grasses and fallen limbs. My fingers are needing to dig warm soil , plant pansies and spread mulch. My garden time was cut short last year, ending in September, because of family health issues so it has been an extra long departure from gardening.
I don't have any photos to share at the moment but as soon as the days warm, I will take a nature walk.
Last month I attended a quilt retreat in Williamston Michigan and the B&B I stayed at had this sweet gazebo which I must return to see this summer. I want to cross the bridge over this creek and take the trails into the woods. Hopefully I can slip in between weddings which they book every weekend.
When the weather warms, I'll be the mean time, there are plenty of seed catalogs to peruse.


  1. I've been sowing tomato (5 Varieties), aubergine and tomorrow will soe the globe carrots in pots outside. Also been transplanting seedlings of Mixed, red, white petunias that a neighbour (89yrs old!) gave me as just about every seed germinated that she had sown. half of them I've transplanted for my sister.

    Won't be long now I'm sure before you can get out and give your garden a 'makeover'!

    Sandie xx

  2. Hi Pat. This is such a pretty blog!! I LOVE the background and the header! I am so glad to have a new friend. Thank you for following my little graphics blog. I am your newest follower here. You have such an interesting profile, love all the creativity you are involved in. Have a great day!!