Friday, May 13, 2011

Current blooms around the yard

Everything is greening up around here and blooms are just beginning to show themselves. The Lilacs are spreading their wonderful perfume throughout the yard. The Quince is brightening the back garden with coral blooms. Ajuga is taking over the paths already with their periwinkle spikes. The Redbud tree is in full bloom. The fern grows about 8 inches each night and will soon allow much privacy throughout the garden. Next week the poppies will drop their spiky shell to reveal the bright lava orange greeting anyone who enters through the back door. The Wisteria is releasing its first drooping blooms on the front porch. Yes, everything is greening up except the back near the woods, it is a different story....during the winter the deer have dined on my Arborvitae trees just high enough to reveal the woods. No more green backdrop for the Hosta edged flower bed. I will be shopping for another evergreen that deer don't find palatable. Oh the joy of it all. I hope you are enjoying your spring blossoms.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, gorgeous Pat! I have the same lilac tree as you have. What a gorgeous color that is isn't it? And that Viburnum Bodnantense Dawn is so beautiful as well! I have that one too, only mine is very little lol. Really gorgeous how everything blooms right now! Enjoy the scents and inspirational moments!